The PCPA is a volunteer led 501( c) 3 comprised of parents and guardians of all students enrolled in Pond Cove School. We welcome you and look forward to meeting you and encourage new ideas and suggestions. Our mission is to enrich, support and enhance the social and learning environment of Pond Cove students.  


We strive to reach a balance between busy family life and raising funds for our school. We encourage working parents, stay at home parents, and all guardians to get involved.


There are a number of ways to contribute to the cause. You can give your time and/or talent; you can donate money (suggested rate of $15 per family); and you can attend and/or volunteer at one of our Events and Programs.


If you have a Membership Toolkit account, you can use the same login for your account on our site.

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  • Sept 5 - Cape Night at Elsmere BBQ - 4:00-9:00pm




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Latest News

4th Grade Basket Weaving Program with Towanda Brown


Working with the 4th grade teachers, we have been able to  provide funding through our Visiting Artists Fund to support a program for basket weaver Towanda Brown that benefits all 4th grade classes. Ms. Brown is a basket weaver and potter who lives on Long Island, a small island off the coast of Portland, Maine. She's dedicated to making art that captures the beauty of the island and the ocean that surrounds her.





Box Tops for Education

 "Clynk" for Outdoors

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