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Co-Chair:  OPEN Please contact Sheri Bragg or MSPA
Co-Chair: Sheri Bragg - Financials



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The CLYNK program has proven results with over $47,000 raised in returnables since 2009.

clynkFill and return CLYNK bags to support Middle School outdoor education programs. Bags labeled by grade level are available in the Pond Cove lobby and in each students classroom. Funds raised stay with your child’s grade level and are used to support their outdoor education programs in Middle School such as the 5th grade walk along the Boston Freedom Trail and the 6th grade trip to Chewonki.


It is estimated that over $12,000 per grade needs to be raised by December of your child’s 6th grade year to continue these programs. Excess funds raised stay with your child’s grade and may further reduce the cost to parents or be used to offset the costs of future programs. Start early, start now and keep on CLYNKing!!

  • Give bags to family members
  • Take bags to a neighborhood party
  • Have mom & dad take bags to work
  • Take bags on vacation with you

Fill the bags with returnable bottles and cans (no more than 20lbs please) and return them to ANY CLYNK (Hannaford) location in Maine.


For Pond Cove Clynk questions contact the Co-Chairs.



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