Fourth Grade Celebration


June 15, 1:45 PM Pond Cove Cafetorium

Co-Chair: Amy Lombardo

Co-Chair: Lynne Cross
Slideshow & Memory Book Coordinator: Roxanne DeVries

Parents of 4th graders, we need your help with the End of Year Celebration!

Time sure does fly! Our fourth graders are getting ready to leave Pond Cove and begin their new adventures in the Middle School this coming Fall! The PCPA sponsors a Fourth Grade Celebration and we would love for parents to attend! First though there are a few items to take care of:

  1. Please submit TWO photos of your rising 4th grade student (one baby and one recent photo) so the kids can see how far they have come! The 4th Grade Celebration committee will be creating a simple celebration book for each 4th grade student. In order for us to keep track of over 200 photos we ask that you either email OR send in a hard copy using the instructions below:

    EMAIL:  4thGradeCelebration207@
    A. Place the Teachers name in the email SUBJECT line
    B. Label your photos as: BABYlastname and lastname
    C. Use this email address: 

    HARD COPY (hand in the photo):
    A. Place the students name on the back of the photo(s)
    B. Put in an envelope labeled: PCPA 4th grade picture and INCLUDE the Teacher name on the envelope

    **please note we may not be able to guarantee the return of pictures handed in but we will try our best!**

  2. Please send in $20 to cover the cost of the celebration event, book, and class gift. Each year, fourth grade families give a gift to Pond Cove. Students will vote on choices as to what the gift will be this spring. Checks can be written to PCPA and sent in an envelope marked 4th Grade Celebration in backpack mail.


Any questions on this event, please contact:




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