Chair: Sarah Bischoff


2017 Deadlines

Sept.13th,   Oct.11th,   Nov. 8th,  Dec. 7th, 2017


2018 Deadlines:
Jan. 11th, Feb.8th, March 8th, April 5th, May 3rd, June 7th, July 11th, Aug. 8, 2018


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Here is an EASY way to support Outdoor Experience Programming for your child when they reach Middle School. Each class needs to raise an estimated $12,000 by sixth grade — the beauty of this program is that it does not require you to spend any additional money. Hannaford donates $50 to our organization for every $1000 spent using Hannaford Grocery Cards.


Here is how it works: The MSPA will supply you with a Hannaford Grocery Card for any amount you specify. You can use this grocery card at any Hannaford to pay for your groceries (just like a debit card). So, if you give MSPA a check for $100.00, you will get a $100.00 grocery shopping card. Hannaford will give our organization 5% of what you spend.


It’s that easy. It’s free money! Every month we will collect a check from you for an amount you specify. We will re-load your card, there is no need to get a new one. We keep the card numbers on file. You can designate more than one child’s grade level (class) for the proceeds.



For your convenience, we are happy to collect checks upfront for continued monthly participation. Simply write all your checks now, dated with the due date, we will keep these on file and send you a reminder email.


How do I sign up? Three easy steps:

Step 1: Send a Sign Up form and a check and made payable to MSPA by the monthly deadline. Deliver the check to the Middle School’s main office.
Step 2: We will send you your gift card during the first month of participation, approximately a week after the deadline. We ask you to hang onto your card(s) to reload during subsequent months.
Step 3: Shop at Hannaford as usual, using your gift card to pay for groceries.

* In subsequent months, we will contact you to ask if you will continue your participation. * ** Through Hannaford, we will arrange for re-loading your gift card. **


What is the dollar value of the gift cards? You can purchase a gift card in any amount. Many participants pick a specific denomination for monthly participation, such as $100, $200, $300, etc. There are even a few participants who have opted to buy the bulk of their monthly groceries with gift cards in order for the MSPA to enjoy the benefit.


Are there minimum and maximum levels of participation? No.  Nevertheless, those who choose to purchase more than $500 worth of gift cards will receive the amount in more than one gift card. For example, a participant who writes a check for $750 will receive 2 Hannaford gift cards – 1 for $500 and 1 for $250.


Do I have to participate every month? No. Continued participation is completely voluntary, and you can order intermittently throughout the year. We are grateful for any amount of participation!


Can I change the amount of my participation? Sure. In subsequent months, you can change your level of participation, either up or down.


Can I re-load my gift card in subsequent months? Yes but re-loads must be done through the program administrator, not directly through Hannaford.  This is easier than it sounds.  The administrator keeps a record of the code on the back of your gift card and arranges for future re-loads.  The administrator will inform participants when gift cards are active and ready for use.  This is usually within 2 days of the monthly deadline.


Why is the Hannaford Gift Card Program unique? This fundraiser does not require participants to spend any more money than they normally would just by doing their regular grocery shopping! 


What if I have additional questions? Please email : Sarah Bischoff.


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