Ruth’s Reusable Resources

Teachers will once again be able to "stretch a dollar" for "much-needed school supplies."


At the end of each summer, as teachers prepare classrooms for the new school year, Pond Cove Parents Association funds a one-year membership for Pond Cove Elementary School to Ruth’s Reusable Resources, located in Portland. The amount of the membership fee is based on the current year's student enrollment. Ruth’s is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to ensure that students and classrooms in Maine have the basic tools for learning, by transferring surplus business supplies and merchandise into the hands of school children and teachers.  A membership in Ruth’s Reusable Resources provides access for teachers to obtain school supplies, craft items and much more – at no additional cost beyond the membership fee. The only request made by Ruth is that the teachers and students write thank you notes to the donors. Since the 2008/2009 school year, Ruth’s has proven to be a great resource for the Pond Cove faculty and staff.  


Each year the faculty makes a great return on the investment. 2015's membership fee of $1,803 provided teachers access to items from Ruth’s worth a total of $29,537.25! Way to go, faculty! We applaud our teachers for their commitment to excellence while finding innovative ways to stretch a dollar and thank you to the families of Pond Cove for their support.


Visit the Ruth’s Reusable Resources website for more information.




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