Volunteer Directory

President: Cori Ketcham
Vice President: Allison Blackstone

Secretary: Jennifer Schmitz
Treasurer: Kristie Green (acting interim)
Grants Co-Chair: Heather Reeves
Grants Co-Chair: Lauren Glennon
Website Administrators:  Jessica Morel and Sean Hanson
Newsletter Editor/Facebook Moderator: Allison Blackstone

Retail Chair:Jennifer Schmitz






Outdoors/Admission Chair: Cori Ketcham  and OPEN
Inside/Food Chair: Todd Ketcham and OPEN

Volunteer Coordinator: Jeremy Law
Bake Sale: OPEN
Inside Games Chair: OPEN
Decor Chair: OPEN

Cake Walk: Jess Proctor and Gwen Moore
Harvest Festival – Wee Witches & Wizards:  Maiden Cove
Harvest Festival – Scarecrows: Jackie Pierce


Scholastic Book Fair Co-Chair: Heather Reeves
Scholastic Book Fair Co-Chair: OPEN
Scholastic Book Fair Co-Chair:OPEN
Scholastic Book Fair Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN
Scholastic Book Fair Shadow: OPEN


Red Claws Game Chair:  Jess Proctor


Urban Air Spirit Night Chair: Cori Ketcham


Restaurant Nights Chair (Elsmere BBQ/Bird Dog Roadhouse): Cori Ketcham


Craft Night Co-Chair: OPEN
Craft Night Co-Chair: Robyn Diamond
Craft Night Co-Chair: Allison Blackstone


Bingo Night Co-Chair: Kristina Justh

Bingo Night Co-Chair: OPEN
Raffle Co-Chair: Kristina Justh

Raffle Co-Chair: OPEN

Arts Day Co-Chair: Kelly Raffaele

Arts Day Co-Chair: OPEN

Arts Day Co-Chair: OPEN

Cape Challenge Chair: Cristen Murray
Cape Challenge Public Relations: OPEN
Cape Challenge Volunteer Coordinator: OPEN


FIT and K-Fit Co-Chair: OPEN
FIT and K-Fit Co-Chair: OPEN
FIT and K-Fit Co-Chair: OPEN


4th Grade Celebration Co-Chair: Kristen Homicz, Emily Garvin

4th Grade Celebration Co-Chair: Julie Halter, Ann Gray
4th Grade Celebration Slideshow & Memory Book Coordinator: 


Teacher and Pond Cove Staff Help and Programs

Welcome Back Teacher Luncheon: Heather Reeves, Allison Blackstone, Cori Ketcham

Teacher Appreciation Co-Chair: Kara Leopold
Teacher Appreciation Co-Chair: Mika Reynolds


Fundraising Positions

Box Tops for Education Chair: Jessica Morel

PCPA Clynk Co-Chair: Kristina Justh (Tri-Parent  Association Coordination)

PCPA Clynk Co-Chair:Allison Blackstone

Hannaford Card Chair: OPEN (Tri-Parent  Association Coordination)



School Directory Co-Chair: Laura Gebhart

School Directory Graphic Design: OPEN

School Directory Advertising (school year, 2020-21): OPEN


General PCPA Positions

PCPA Bulletin Boards (Front Hall):Robyn Diamond

Lost and Found Chair: Gaylin Zimmerman

Room Parent Coordinator: Mika Reynolds
ONE ROOM PARENT NEEDED PER CLASSROOM – please contact Mika if you are interested in acting as a room parent for your child’s class.





Box Tops for Education

 CLYNK for Outdoors

Hannaford Grocery Cards

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