Volunteer Position Descriptions

All event and program Chairs are required to attend monthly PCPA Meetings during planning stages and just after their event is completed.


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PCPA President - 1 Position

  • Attend Monthly Meetings
  • Attend Executive Committee Meetings
  • Coordinate with all Executive Committee Members on day to day operations of PCPA
  • Coordinate with Event Chairs when necessary
  • Coordinate with Principal and Office Staff to send mass emails re, events/programs., etc and coordinate school calendar with PCPA calendar, etc.
  • Coordinate with MSPA and HSPA for some programs and events.
  • Point person for PCPA on all incoming correspondence
  • Hours per month vary from 2-10 and depends on PCPA activities

PCPA Vice President - 1 Position

  • Attend Monthly Meetings
  • Attend Executive Committee Meetings
  • Sounding board for Co-Presidents.
  • Assist with coordination of events/Programs, and volunteers
  • Work closely with PCPA Co-Presidents to coordinate and execute PCPA programs
  • Hours per month vary from 2-10 and depends on PCPA activities


PCPA Treasurer - 1 Position

  • Meet with Officers in late August/early September to set budget goals. Present budget at first PCPA meeting for approval.
  • Utilize Quickbooks to maintain budget and actuals for all fundraising and programs supported. Report progress of budget versus actual at monthly PCPA meeting.
  • Work with Accountant to  reconcile and submit quarterly and yearly tax documents for our 501( c) 3.
  • Work with chair people to obtain cash boxes for events. Make deposits after each program. Maintain checkbook and write checks for reimbursements.
  • Reconcile monthly bank statements to checkbook register.
  • Approximately 3-10 hours per month depending on month and activities


PCPA Secretary - 1 Position

  • Attend monthly PCPA meetings and record written record of meeting. Personal laptop is helpful but not essential.
  • Type up minutes. Send minutes via e-mail to PCPA officers for review. Any changes to minutes will be sent back to the secretary.
  • Once minutes have been approved and voted on, they are sent to the web coordinator for posting on the PCPA website.
  • Approximate number of hours each month is 2-5.


Grants Co-Chair - 2 Positions

  • This position is responsible for educating the Pond Cove staff about the grant money the PCPA has to offer for non-budgeted items that enhance the curriculum, are needed for a specific project that is being worked on within the school or that involves the students or staff.
  • Once a grant request is received, the chairs will review the request and obtain any additional information needed before presenting the application to the PCPA at the monthly meeting. After voting on the request, the grant co-chairs contact the applicant to announce what decision was made.
  • Requires keeping track of the grant budget as well as good contact with the PCPA treasurer.
  • Approximately 15 hours total per year at most.


Newsletter & Facebook Editor - 1-2 Positions

  • Responsible for the weekly newsletter sent via email to the parents of Pond Cove students
  • Work with Co-Presidents to determine what should be included in newsletter each week
  • Collect content from PCPA volunteer chairs for particular events or programs
  • Layout newsletter in MembershipToolkit platform
  • Send test newsletter to PCPA Board on Monday for edits
  • Send final newsletter to subscribers Tuesday or Wednesday morning
  • Work closely with the Website Coordinator to ensure consistent and up-to-date information across all the PCPA communication channels
  • Post upcoming events and PCPA news, monitor, accept or decline posts to Facebook page
  • Approximately 2 hours per month.


Website Administrator - 2-3 Positions

  • Maintain and keep up to date all website content
  • Approximately 2 hours per month


Retail/Cape Wear Chair - 1 Position

  • Track and maintain inventory for PCPA products: dog collars, leashes and key fobs
  • Fill orders placed through online store or backpack advertisement
  • Contact local businesses for purchase of PCPA products (Key fobs, Collars, Leashes)
  • Coordinate with MSPA to do a joint Cape Wear Sale in the fall
  • For the remainder school year 2017-18 ONLY, maintain inventory for leftover Cape Wear and fulfill on-line orders. (Orders are normally placed before inventory is purchased. The 2016-17 inventory was partially purchased, and we have an overstock of some items.
  • Approximately 1-5 hours per month - hours vary depending on activities and sales opportunies.


Scholastic Book Fair Co-Chair - 2 Positions

  • Early September to late October – assembles a committee and runs all aspects of the Scholastic book fair.
  • During the two-week span person must have very flexible hours in order to manage set-up, staff, re-stocking, and break-down of the book fair. Some days require many hours of being at the school.
  • One co-chair is responsible for acting as book fair treasurer, gathering receipts every day and making deposits; one must do re-orders to Scholastic regularly during the fair to maintain stock.
  • Lots of fun, lots of work, great cause!
  • Approximately 5 hours per month for 3 months plus hours of Book Fair staffing for 6 ays in October.


Bingo Night Chair & Committee - 2-3 Positions - 2 Available

  • Confirm the date with community services to reserve the cafetorium and stage area and microphone.
  • Two months prior, place add in school news letter for parents to drop off old/new toys that they want to give away as bingo prizes. Collect up until the date of bingo night from box outside of office.
  • One month prior, confirm with the school volunteer bakers to bake goods for a bake sale on bingo night. Also, ask volunteer list contacts via email who will sell cards, and work the bingo bake sale table and help set up and clean up. Kids all can help with this.
  • The week prior, put up signs to remind people of the event.
  • On bingo night: Acquire game pieces and change for cards and bake sale from PCPA. Locate a large white board to write called numbers. Set out all the prizes on a prize table and baked goods for bake sale. Call out BINGO for 1.5 hours during the event. Have fun!!
  • Secure a  Bingo Raffle lead to do the following
    • Obtain between 18-23 raffle item donations. Promote raffle via local news sources and post in town buildings.
    • Distribute lists and tickets to teachers via mailboxes on 2-3 separate occasions.
    • Organize raffle tickets, collect raffles and money.
    • Arrange an early drawing of 1-2 items to build interest. Drawing of all remaining items occurs on Bingo Night.
    • Send thank you notes to raffle donors.
    • Approximate number of hours needed is 20 hours over 2 months in the February/March time frame.


Arts Day Co-Chair - 2-3 Positions - 1 Available

  • December to February — varies on hours, March & April — about 10-15+ hours per week
  • Assist Chair in coordinating a main act to perform for the entire school
  • Assist Chair in recruiting local artists to teach students in a workshop setting about their arts
  • Coordinate artists into each classroom
  • Secure a volunteer coordinate to coordinate with room parents to recruit parent volunteers to assist with workshops on Arts Day


Staff Appreciation Co-Chair - 2-3 Positions

  • Form a committee of 8-10 energetic, creative, hands-on individuals in January to prepare for the week-long annual May Teacher Appreciation Week. Determine which individual(s) will work on:
  • Themed menu selection
  • Invitations for the luncheon
  • Decorations related to the chosen theme
  • Recruiting parent volunteers to cook the items on the menu and/or make donations for the luncheon i.e. water, coffee, etc.
  • Week long schedule of events, which can include a raffle, showing teachers appreciation on behalf of the PCPA, parents and students.
  • Securing sites, (classroom, playground and cafeteria)
  • Volunteer coverage for two shifts of teachers and staff attending luncheon, luncheon staffing (cooks, servers and clean-up crews)
  • Find a Staff Appreciation Meal Coordinator for the following:
    • Create, test and write a menu and recipes for approximately 100 lunch guests.
    • Supervise and assist kitchen volunteers on the day of the lunch to prepare and serve lunch.
    • Volunteers should possess strong cooking and food safety skills/knowledge.
    • Total time commitment is approximately 20 to 25 hours (5 hours on the day of the lunch).
    • This role could also encompass coordinating the Coffee & Breakfast that takes place earlier in Teacher Appreciation Week, as the skill set is comparable.
  • Lead monthly committee meetings and coordinate committee communications to plan, promote, execute and host daily activities, events, opportunities or acknowledgments beginning with morning coffee kick-off and ending with themed luncheon for Teachers’ Appreciation Week in May.
  • Regular communications with Pond Cove to promote and build attendance/participation at events
  • About 6-8 hours per school year time committment


Cape Challenge Co-Chairs & Committee - 2 - 3 Positions - 1 Available

  • Securing race sponsorship & donations
  • Public relations/marketing of Race
  • Runner registration
  • Coordination with FIT program regarding start times, course, volunteers, etc.
  • Working with the Town and outside vendors on race day set-up/logistics – this is conducted specifically by the Chairs
  • Recruiting and overseeing volunteers to assist in the above-listed areas

Recruiting for the committee can start any time during the school year. The 1st activity to kick in is securing sponsors which should start in January. The Committee should consist of approximately 8 people. Click here for more details on each of the areas of responsibility and how the committee can be most effective.


F.I.T./K-F.I.T. Co Chairs & Committee - 2-3 Positions - 3 Available

  • Coordinate with Cape Community Services (Kathy Ratifce) to create a description and registration through CESC for students
  • Recruit Volunteers to help supervise this after-school program


4th Grade Celebration Co-Chair — 3 Positions

  • March-June time frame (hours vary)
  • Chairs coordinate date & time with 4th grade team for a June celebration including all 4th graders, their parents, the Pond Cove principal, and Middle School principal.
  • Collect baby/current photos of each 4th grader and create a memory (yearbook). During the ceremony you do a slide show and give a memory book and gift bag to each student.
  • Approximately 10 hours of commitment for the entire event from start to finish.


Boxtops Chair - 1 Position

  • Work with Executive Committee to set a goal for the year – a bit higher than the amount raised in the previous year.
  • Have at least three volunteers collect and count Boxtops to have ready for submission times. Primary collection runs from September to February each school year.
  • Track Boxtops on a spreadsheet to help monitor progress and dollar amounts being raised. Send counted and labeled Boxtops to company twice a year (end of October and end of February) for cash.
  • Track which grade has collected the most Boxtops and will receive a prize at the end of the year. Run various contests throughout the year to boost overall numbers. Send out summer collection sheets in June to keep collections going during the off months.
  • ABout 1-3 hours per month commitment.


CLYNK Co-Chair  - 2 Positions

  • Organize the Folding tagging and distribution of Clynk bags in all Pond Cove classrooms
  • Coordinate with the MSPA Clynk Chair and PCPA Treasurer to report Clynk totals each month
  • About 1-2 hours per month commitment, and time committment may vary to as many as 3-4 depending on month and activities.


Hannaford Helps Schools Program Chair - 1 Position

  • Organize the collection of receipts from Hannaford Dollars, collect them, count them and submit them to Hannaford on the scheduled date on behalf of Pond Cove Elementary School.
  • Obtain the box from the Hannaford front office which contains flyers for distribution (esp. to kindergarten and first graders), posters and a letter of information regarding the program and where and when to submit the receipts.
  • Place an envelope in the Box Tops box at Pond Cove, so that Box Tops volunteers can put Hannaford receipts in the envelope.
  • Collect receipts from the Box Tops box about every three weeks, more frequently toward the end of the program (around the second week of December).
  • On the due date, count and submit receipts to Hannaford at Mill Creek in the envelope provided.


Lost & Found Chair - 1 Position

  • This is a school-year-long commitment, but the hours are limited.
  • Review items in lost & found buckets on a monthly basis.
  • If the items are labeled, call families or deliver to child in the classroom to let them know there is something they need to retrieve.
  • At the end of every school quarter, take remaining items to a shelter.
  • about 1 hour of commitment per month.


Room Parent Coordinator - 1 Position

  • Locate parents interested in volunteering as a Room Parent at the start of the school year for each classroom using Newsletter, Website and other media sources through the PCPA and Pond Cove.
  • Maintain a contact list of all Room Parents by classroom.
  • Lead a Room Parents’ Orientation where Room Parents will obtain their “Welcome Package” which includes: Room Parent Job Description, class list contact information, sample contact call sheet, sample welcome letter to parents, school wide directory and other supportive information.
  • Support Room Parents as questions arise and provide event reminders involving the classroom through the school year, such as the end of year teacher gift and PCPA events.
  • Hours of commitment vary from month to month approximately 1-2 hours per month.


Room Parent (One per Classroom) - All Available (Contact Room Parent Coordinator) 

  • Being a room parent can be accomplished entirely through use of email and a few phone calls. A Room Parent helps coordinate classroom support for his or her child’s classroom  such as collecting lists of volunteers for field trips, organizing a teacher gift, and sending notices to parents about school events. If interested, please email Mika Reynolds. Please include your name, child’s name, and teacher.
  • Click here for a complete description of Room Parent Responsibilities.
  • Commitment hours vary from class to class approximately 2 hours per month.


School Directory Co-Chair - 2 Positions

  • Time-frame is last week in August through October when the Directory goes to print. Sept. involves pre-sales via newsletters, backpack mail, morning announcements, parent’s night and open houses.
  • Gather information from all the schools’ front offices, Super’s Office & Community Services for Directory. One person works on the updating names, addresses and phone numbers (including emails this year). Second person works on the supporting pages/staff pages. Third person works on cover design and getting the Directory to print.
  • Deliver the Directories to each school when they are completed. Pre-sales are distributed via backpack mail. The schools’ front offices sell whatever remains.
  • Recruit a School Directory Marketing Chair
  • Advertising Sales (July - August).  Connect with local businesses to sell full, half, quarter and business size ads to off-set the price of printing the Directory.


Bulletin Board Volunteer - 1 Position

  • This is a fun, creative volunteer opportunity for one parent at each grade level. It requires approximately 1 hour per month throughout the school year.
  • Each volunteer is responsible for the bulletin board for a specific grade and will be supplied a list of teachers from whom to get the artwork for each month.
  • Contact the appropriate teacher the last week of the month to arrange artwork pick-up.
  • Place new background paper (if needed), border and artwork up the first week of new month and return old artwork to appropriate teacher.
  • Approximately 1 hour per month.



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